Get Rid of the Grime That's Settling in Your Pipes

Hire a hydro-jetting service professional in Houston, TX

Does water take several minutes to go down your drains? Are you tired of wrinkling your nose at foul odors around your kitchen or bathroom sink? If so, hire a pro at StoneCrest Plumbing to provide hydro-jetting services in Houston, TX or the surrounding areas.

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Clear drain clogs with ease

What's hydro-jetting? For this drain cleaning method, our team uses special equipment to shoot high-pressure water through your pipes. This water breaks up buildups and clears clogs along the line. Think of it like pressure washing for your pipes.

Hire us to clear up the:

  • Food scraps in your sink drain
  • Hair clogs in your shower drain
  • Mineral buildups in your tub drain
  • Toilet paper wads in your toilet drain
  • Grease clogs in your kitchen sink drain

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